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1Thessalonians, Chapter One, Lesson Two

SHOWING GRATITUDE   1Thessalonians 1:2-5             Download this Bible Study


** Last week we were introduced to two topics which will be repeated throughout this wonderful epistle. Do you recall what they were?

1. A genuine "love for the brethren"
2. A "desire for instruction from the Word of God"

** When you consider the events which gravely impacted our nation on 09-11-01, how could that day stimulate our desire for personal growth in either of these two areas?

When men driven by "doctrines of demons" (1Timothy 4:1) can be committed to the point of taking their own lives, we understand the need for us to be committed to the TRUTH of God's Word and the living out of that truth through our love for one another, so that we might be lights in the middle of a dark, crooked and perverse generation.


** For today, let's begin by defining the word "attitude", what does it mean?

Webster: "a mental position...or a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state."

** With that in mind, what is our attitude to be like regarding our fellow believers?

We are to develop an "attitude of gratitude". That is not a new expression to us, but how does it flesh itself out in the life of a Christian? Paul is going to show us, by example, the need for "Showing Gratitude" for those around us and how it will be made manifest in our life if it is genuine. Please open your Bibles to 1Thessalonians 1:2-5 and let's enjoy together all that our Lord has for us to learn.

Read Passage (V.2-5)

Opening Prayer

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