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1Thessalonians, Chapter Two, Lesson Three

BURDENED IN CHRIST   1Thessalonians 2:9-12             Download this Bible Study


** In our study last week, Paul showed us three methods or styles of evangelism which are to be avoided at all costs. Do you recall what they were?

1) flattering speech
2) using evangelism as a covering for greed
3) seeking praise and glory from men (Remember, you just might get it)

** What is the cost behind sharing the gospel? How will our relationship with the lost change, if they receive it into their hearts so as to be saved?

We will become "Bound in Christ", and need to give our lives to their nurturing and building up in the word of God.

Have you been more aware of the bond you have will other believers? Are you more willing to reach out to the lost, even if it means giving them your life as well?


** There is a logical progression in the chapter we are currently studying together. If we are "Bold in Christ", we will find ourselves becoming "Bound in Christ" to those who hear and respond to our boldness. The next step of our journey is for us to become "Burdened in Christ" for those He saves. Today Paul will manifest his own heartfelt burden for the Thessalonians, and by example give us the pattern we should form in our own lives. Let's read our passage together.

Read passage (V.9-12)

Opening Prayer

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