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1Thessalonians, Chapter Two, Lesson Four

BOUNTY IN CHRIST   1Thessalonians 2:13-20             Download this Bible Study


** Let's go back to our passage from last week, please open your Bibles to 1Thessalonians 2:10. If we are going to be "Burdened in Christ" for other saints, as was Paul for the Thessalonian believers, what kind of behavior or character should be driving our life and ministry according to verse ten?

We should live devoutly, uprightly and blamelessly toward the lost world around us (to convict them of the truth we proclaim) and around other Christians (to encourage them to do the same).

** Which three activities should naturally flow from that kind of lifestyle according to verse eleven?

Exhorting, encouraging and imploring our brothers and sisters in the Lord unto godliness.

Hopefully we are seeing the Lord change our hearts as He develops this God honoring life and ministry in each one of us.


** What will we experience if we are faithful to build up others in the word of God? Today we have the joy of watching Paul look forward to his "Bounty in Christ", which he would receive directly due to the time he spent pouring God's word into the lives of others. If we wish to produce that same "Bounty", we must learn from Paul how to maintain our focus on God's precious word. Please look with me now at verses 13-20, here in 1Thessalonians, chapter two.

Read passage (V.13-16) (V.17-20)

Opening Prayer

Bounty in Christ


V.13 ** Paul begins our study for today by encouraging his beloved Thessalonian brothers and sisters in the Lord. Exactly how does he do that?

By telling them that he is "constantly" thanking God for each of them.

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