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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson One

GOD'S GIFT OF SOBRIETY   1Thessalonians 5:1-6             Download this Bible Study


** Today we embark upon a journey through the exciting climax of Paul's first letter to the Thessalonians. In our study together last week we were called to display "Comforting Behavior" to those around us by sharing the good news of Christ coming for His church in the event known as the Rapture.

I hope that you are faithful to encourage those around you with this wonderful news.


** As we now turn the corner into chapter five of this marvelous epistle, we stand on the threshold of four magnificent gifts which our great God has for each of His children. While learning from the apostle Paul about the day of the Lord, we are also going to see four specific gifts which are ours by the grace of God. They are:

GOD'S GIFT OF SOBRIETY - 1Thessalonians 5.:1-6
GOD'S GIFT OF ENCOURAGEMENT - 1Thessalonians 5:7-11
GOD'S GIFT OF EXCELLENCE - 1Thessalonians 5:12-18
GOD'S GIFT OF SANCTIFICATION - 1Thessalonians 5:19-28

Let's read through our passage for today to set our minds on the Word of God and prepare us for "God's Gift of Sobriety".

Read Passage (V.1-6)

Opeing Prayer

God's Gift of Sobriety


V. 1 ** When we finished our study of chapter four, what event in human history did we see?

The Rapture of Christ's Church!

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