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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson Two

GOD'S GIFT OF ENCOURAGEMENT   1Thessalonians 5:7-11             Download this Bible Study


** Last week we began our look at four specific gifts which are ours by the grace of God, listed for us here in 1Thessalonians, chapter five. The first of those gifts was "God's Gift of Sobriety". Hopefully we are able to apply our alert minds and sober, self-controlled actions to service we render toward the name of Christ.

It has been a privilege to apply that study to my own heart, as I strive to honor the Lord in everything that I think, say and do.


** Our study for today is entitled "God's Gift of Encouragement" and is found in 1Thessalonians 5:7-11. When life gets difficult, when we feel like failures because of our battles with sin, what encouragement could there be to lift our hearts to the rejoicing attitude which we have been called to live out each day? For the answer, let's read our passage for today and allow the Holy Spirit to transform our minds for the glory of God.

Read passage (V.7-8) (V.9-11)

Opening Prayer

God's Gift of Encouragement


V. 7 ** When we left off here in chapter five, last week, we learned that sleep in this passage referred to a lack of preparedness, and because Christians are sons of light (V.5) and not of the darkness that is in the world, we are to be prepared by constantly being alert and sober. As Paul now continues this metaphor here in verse seven, how does he describe those who sleep?

Two ways - They sleep at night and they get drunk at night!

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