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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson Four

GOD'S GIFT OF SANCTIFICATION   1Thessalonians 5:19-28             Download this Bible Study


** Last week's study introduced us to "God's Gift of Excellence" which we are learning about in the twenty exhortations given to the Thessalonians at the conclusion of this marvelous epistle. We have studied together the first twelve of those exhortations and I challenged you to spend some time reviewing that impressive list. Which of these twelve exhortations did He use to prompt you to live your life using "God's Gift of Excellence"?

1) appreciate 2) esteem 3) live in peace 4) admonish the unruly 5) encourage the faint
6) help the weak 7) patient with all 8) don't repay evil with evil
9) seek good for all men 10) rejoice 11) pray 12) give thanks to God!


** Today we will draw our five month study of 1Thessalonians to a close. We have seen the reoccurring theme to "excel still more" throughout this epistle. As Paul closes out his letter, he still has eight more exhortations to share with his readers that they might live an excellent life. He not only instructs us on what we are to do for the glory of God, but he shows us how we can do it! Let's read our passage and learn about "God's Gift of Sanctification".

Read passage (V.19-22) (V.23-24) (V.25-28)

Opening Prayer

God's Gift of Sanctification


V.19 ** As Paul opens our study for today, he gives us exhortation number thirteen. Who is the object of his concern?

The Holy Spirit!
"Do not quench the Spirit..."

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