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1Timothy, Chapter One, Lesson Two

CORRUPT ENVIRONMENT   1Timothy 1:6-11             Download this Bible Study


** From our opening study together in 1Timothy last week, what did Paul want Timothy to do in the midst of all the false teaching which was prevalent in Ephesus?

He “urged” him to remain and spend his days “Correcting Error” for the glory of God!

** What were the two forms or camps, from which error came in its attack upon the saints at Ephesus?

1) “strange doctrine” and 2) “myths and genealogies”

** Has spending time in the word of God better prepared you to stand for the truth, to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints?

It has, if we understand God’s word and remain committed to living it out each day of our lives.


** As our study of 1Timothy now continues, let’s ask ourselves two questions. In what kind of environment does the “glorious gospel” of God thrive? Do we need to clean up the lives of men, before they can hear God’s saving truth? The apostle Paul is going to answer those questions as he instructs his son in the faith in the passage before us today. Sinful man cannot clean up his act, but must respond to the gospel of Christ while living in a “Corrupt Environment”. Let’s turn our hearts toward the things of the Lord by reading through our passage for today.

Read passage (V.6-11)

Opening Prayer

Corrupt Environment


V. 6 ** Referring once again to the “certain men” of verse three from last week and their followers, Paul now tells us at the end of verse six how they waste their time, do you see it?

They spend their time in “fruitless discussion”.

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