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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

APPOINTED PREACHER   1Timothy 2:5-7             Download this Bible Study


** In our last study together, the apostle Paul taught us the importance of developing a fervent, evangelistic prayer life; one that is pleasing to God. Do you recall the three forms of prayer we are to employ.

entreaties - praying to fill the need of salvation
prayers - worship for the God of salvation
petitions - get involved in evangelistic prayer by developing more empathy, sympathy, compassion.

** Besides learning how to offer to God an “Acceptable Prayer”, what three additional things did we learn about our gracious God?

God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked.
God commands all men to repent.
God offers His grace for salvation to all men.

Hopefully our hearts have experienced an increase in empathy, sympathy and compassion for the lost over this past week, which reflects our Heavenly Father’s love for the lost world around us. (John 3:16)


** The lost world around us welcomes and respects all forms of “religion” brought forth by fallen man. What they do not welcome is Biblical Christianity, which is opposed by the politically correct, collective consciousness of humanity. In their battle cry of tolerance for all, they violate their own standard by attacking the truth of God’s Word and those who live by it. The world honors Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus and all forms of Humanistic spiritual expression. Every new philosophy and spiritual concept is respected, except for the proclamation of the gospel truth regarding salvation in Jesus Christ.

It is in this hostile environment that Paul will state the truth men need to hear. In today’s passage, the
apostle is going to say that he is an “Appointed Preacher” with the significant purpose of proclaiming God’s saving truth. Let’s learn together how the example of Paul’s life should impact our own hearts.

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