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2Thessalonians, Chapter One, Lesson One

ENLARGED FAITH            Page 2

V. 1 ** Before we consider Paul's opening comments for today, we need to tie down some basic information regarding this second letter. When was it written?

Probably only a few weeks to a few months after his first letter.

** What were some of the main reasons for Paul to write this amazing letter?

1. In response to the reports he had been getting about the Thessalonians. He wanted to express his gratitude to God for them. cf. 2Thessalonians 1:3 and 2:13

2. To calm the hearts of those who were confused about "the day of Lord" and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. cf. 2Thessalonians 2:1-2, 8

3. To grant them comfort by reminding them of God's justice and His judgement of the wicked.
cf. 2Thessalonians 1:7-9

4. To give the Thessalonian church specific instruction as to how they should lovingly deal with "undisciplined" believers who were taking advantage of Christian charity.
cf. 2Thessalonians 3:11

** Take a moment and compare verse one of today's passage with the opening of 1Thessalonians. Do you see the subtle, yet important difference?

In this second letter, Paul shifts his emphasis from "God the Father" to "God our Father".
He had given specific instruction to bless the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when he wrote to the believers in Ephesus and Corinth.
cf. 2Corinthians 1:3 and Ephesians 1:3

** How would the use of "our Father" make the Thessalonians feel about their relationship with the apostle?

Because they all had the same Heavenly Father, they were truly one in Christ. Paul was using this term to personally identify with the believers there in Thessalonica.

V. 2 ** When you look into verse two of our passage, what other difference do you see from verse one in 1Thessalonians?

After "Grace to you and peace", Paul adds "from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ".

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