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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Two

LEARNING TO SERVE   Colossians 1:5-8             Download this Bible Study


** It was good for us last week to observe the apostle Paul and his companions as they were "Praying Always" for the victorious faith of the Colossians. We learned together of the need to be upholding one another in prayer regarding our spiritual growth, obedience to the Word and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Did you find yourself spending more time praying for your brothers and sisters in the Lord?

It can be difficult to set aside our "normal" patterns for each day and become selfless enough to be more concerned for others than for what is going on in our own life.


** People on this planet have many things in common. For believers in Jesus Christ the greatest thing we have in common is what the Bible calls "hope". By contrast, what do you suppose the unsaved people around us have in common with each other?

They live a life of "no hope" as they stumble through each day trying to please themselves.

** Today we are going to meet a wonderful man of God and once we understand what the Bible means by "hope", we should be able to better follow his life's example by "Learning to Serve" the Lord out of loving gratitude. Please open you Bibles to our passage in Colossians 1:5-8. As we set our minds toward the Word of God, let's re-read some of what we studied last week to help us understand the context of what we will be learning today.

Read Passage (V.3-8)

Opening Prayer

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