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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Three

PLEASING THE LORD   Colossians 1:9-12             Download this Bible Study


** As our study together last week came to an end, we benefited from the life of Epaphras who showed us the joy of "Learning to Serve" our Lord with our entire life. We saw in verse six of chapter one that the gospel bears fruit as we are faithful to serve our Lord. Do you recall the three ways in which the gospel bears fruit?

1) Numerical increase
2) Trust and courage
3) Glory to God, alone


** So far in this wonderful epistle, Paul has shown us the example of "Praying Always" and Epaphras has taught us to be "Learning to Serve". Today, Paul will take our prayer life to the next level by getting very specific in the kinds of things for which we should be in prayer on behalf of one another. As we do so, we will find ourselves "Pleasing the Lord", which is the highest call for any child of God.

For what kinds of things should we pray? How can our prayers for each other be of the greatest benefit? We are going to learn seven areas in the life of a Christian for which we should pray.

They are:

1. For them to know God's will
2. For them to gain all spiritual wisdom
3. For them to walk in obedience
4. For them to bear fruit
5. For them to receive strength from God
6. For them to attain steadfastness
7. For them to joyously give thanks

Let's read our passage together so we learn how to be "Pleasing the Lord", even in our prayer life for each other.

Read passage (V.9-12)

Opening Prayer

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