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Colossians, Chapter Two, Lesson Four

STRENGTHENING THE FLOCK   Colossians 2:16-23             Download this Bible Study


** We have become very familiar with the New Testament practice of teaching by way of reminder. Last week we saw the apostle Paul remind the Colossians in six different areas concerning their relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you recall that list?

They were:

1) We were circumcised in our heart through faith in Jesus Christ.

2) We were buried with Christ and raised with Him through faith "in the working of God".

3) God made us alive with Him, when we were dead in our transgressions.

4) God has forgiven us all our transgressions.

5) God canceled and removed our debt, by nailing it to the cross of Christ.

6) Christ was victorious in paying for our sin and satan knows it!

These are wonderful truths of which we would do well to live out our lives each day under their influence.


** Today we will see Paul take the Colossians to the next logical step in his letter. Having reminded them of such profound truths, he is now going to be "Strengthening the Flock" against spiritual heresy by referencing those same truths. The Christian life is totally dependent upon the application of God's truth and not just the hearing of it. We can be strengthened in our own walk if we will apply what we learn from the Word of God, and we too can serve the Lord by "Strengthening the Flock" through a proper use of His Word. Let's look at our passage together.

Read passage (V.16-19) (V.20-23)

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