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Colossians, Chapter Four, Lesson One

REMEMBERING OUR MASTER   Colossians 4:1-6             Download this Bible Study


** You may recall that our study together last week got intensely practical as Paul called upon the Christian wife, husband, parent, child and slave to obey God's word so that they might live each day "Serving the Lord". What were the seven attitudes or characteristics of Christians who want to spend their life "Serving the Lord" according to our passage from last week?

Subjection, humility, sacrificial love, obedience, patience, integrity and reverence for the Lord.

** It is wonderful to see how Christ can duplicate Himself in us, if we will only obey His word. What sin did we see in Colossians 3:19, which served as a potential hindrance to husband's fulfilling their God given duty?

The sin of bitterness. Any of us can be derailed in our efforts to serve the Lord by this powerful sin which defiles many around us. (Hebrews 12:15)

We must be determined to serve our Lord, avoiding all forms of bitterness against our spouse, family, fellow Christians, friends, co-workers or even against God Himself!


** Today we make the last transition in this great letter to the Colossians. Paul begins to close out his letter with some extremely important instruction which is designed to last for a lifetime. Over the next three weeks we have the privilege of observing Paul as he instructs the Colossians on the importance of:


**What does it mean to live the Christian life being preoccupied with "Remembering Our Master"? What will be the impact on our hearts if that is our daily preoccupation?

Paul is going to show us four specific areas in the life of a Christian which are impacted for the glory of God by "Remembering Our Master".

Let's begin by reading through our passage, Colossians chapter 4, verses 1-6.

Read passage (V.1-6)

Opening Prayer

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