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Colossians, Chapter Four, Lesson Three

PRAYING WITH EFFECTIVENESS   Colossians 4:12-18             Download this Bible Study


** In our study together last week we saw the apostle Paul as he was "Recognizing His Servants", that is, the servants of God who had lived exemplary lives to the glory of God. Do you recall those five examples?

From Tychicus - God's servants are selfless. (V.7)
From Onesimus - God's servants are truly repentant sinners! (V.9)
From Aristarchus - God's servants are willing to suffer for His name. (V.10)
From John Mark - God's servants are always willing to reconcile! (V.10)
From Jesus Justus - God's servants seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.(V.11)

** Which of those Godly examples stood out the most to you as you considered applying the Word of God to your own life?

For myself, I found that the reminder from the life of John Mark was very encouraging. A true mark of a Christian is that God's servants are always willing to reconcile. It is refreshing to simply follow Paul's instruction in Romans 12:18 to be as peace with all men.


** The past five months have provided many blessings for us as we have given our hearts attention to the study of Paul's letter to the Colossians. This epistle is bracketed by the apostle with an emphasis on the need for prayer. Paul mentions prayer in chapter one, verses 3 and 9; and in chapter 4, verses 2, 3 and 12.
As he wraps up his thoughts for us today, Paul will once again return to the practice of instruction by showing us God's program for prayer through four different characteristics of a godly prayerlife.
He will teach us how we can be "Praying with Effectiveness" by merely following the example of the life of Epaphras. Let's read our passage together in preparation for the study of God's word.

Read passage (V.12-14) (V.15-18)

Opening Prayer

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