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Ephesians, Chapter One, Lesson Two

BLESSED IN CHRIST   Ephesians 1:3-6a             Download this Bible Study


** From our opening study in this marvelous epistle last week, what were the godly examples we saw either in the life of Paul or in the lives of his readers?

1. Paul's total commitment to Christ because he knew Who had set him apart for ministry.

2. Paul boldness and confidence, tempered by genuine humility.

3. The fact that the Ephesians were known as those who were "Faithful in Christ".

** How have you applied what we learned together last week?

For my own life, the challenge of remaining totally committed to Christ while maintaining a humble boldness and confidence in the Lord has been my daily preoccupation that I might be considered to be "Faithful in Christ".


** As a bit of a review, who was Paul writing to when he penned this epistle?

This was a circular letter to the churches of Asia Minor and Ephesus was at the hub of the Christian world at that time.

** Was Paul writing just to the specific needs of those in that geographical area or is there a broader application of the truths he presents?

The design of this epistle is broader in scope and was to reach all of those in Asia Minor, and even to us as well!

** Well, to help us set our minds on what the Lord has for us today, let me ask you a question. How much time do you spend just praising God? Do you realize how much you have been "Blessed in Christ"? What does it mean to praise Him?

Extol His goodness, give thanks, rejoice in spirit.

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