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Ephesians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three

SPIRITUAL STRENGTH   Ephesians 3:14-21             Download this Bible Study


** How's your balance? In our last study we learned that our gracious God had brought the life of every believer into balance by taking the heavy weight of our sin and balancing it on His scales of Justice through the death of Christ on the cross for us!

What were some of the things that might try to throw us out of balance and thus have a negative impact upon our "Spiritual Service"?

1) personal failure 2) impatience 3) worldly affection
4) lack of prayer 5) lack of time in the Word of God.

** Did anyone encounter one of these victoriously?

Especially during times of physical fatigue, I find myself being challenged to maintain the right attitude or eternal perspective that I know brings the greatest honor to the Lord. It was great this week to be reminded of how much I can control my attitude.


** What is it going to take to keep our "Spiritual Service" to the Lord in balance?

The power of God - and nothing less!

** We need to understand the infinite resource we have at our disposal and how we can avail ourselves His power. The apostle Paul is going to close out the third chapter of this marvelous epistle by teaching us about our "Spiritual Strength". Let's join him now in verse 14 of chapter three as we anticipate all that the Lord has for us today.

Read passage (V.14-16) (V.17-19) (V.20-21)

Opening Prayer

Spiritual Strength


V.14 ** What was the reason that Paul was now going to pray for the Ephesian believers? We saw this two weeks ago back in our study of verse one.

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