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Ephesians, Chapter Six, Lesson One

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 6   Ephesians 6:1-4             Download this Bible Study


** By the grace of our loving God, we have hopefully been able to apply what we have been learning about "The Spirit Filled Life". Over the past two weeks, in particular, we have focused on the roles of husbands and wives. How has this series caused you to look closer at your own personal calling as a husband or wife?

Even though chapter five of Paul's letter to the Ephesians is an old and dear friend to my heart, the Lord has used it again to quicken my heart to a more circumspect, cautious and determined walk with Him. He has encouraged me to try to excel all the more in my role as a husband for His glory.


** Today the apostle Paul is going to make an important turn in his thinking. Having thoroughly dealt with us in our husband and wife roles, he is now going to address how the spirit filled family is to operate. Is there a "generation gap"? Is it just impossible for parents to understand their children and vice versa? Let's listen to the heart of Paul as he lovingly instructs us with God's precious Word.

Read Passage (V.1-4)

Opening Prayer

The Spirit Filled Life


V. 1 ** What is the first group in the family mentioned by Paul at the opening of our passage?

Children - tekna, lit. offspring, any son or daughter still living under their parent's roof.

** What does Paul call all children to do?

Obey! - hupakouo, this is a rich word meaning "to hear under", that is to listen with attentiveness and to respond positively to what is heard.

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