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Philippians, Chapter One, Lesson One

THANKFUL FOR THE BRETHREN   Philippians 1:1-7             Download this Bible Study


** How has your prayer life been this past week? Have you been aware of the changes brought about by the study of God's Word and your desire to live "The Spirit Filled Life"?

There has been a since of closeness in my heart, because of our study in Paul's letter to the Epheians. My time with Him has become more vibrant as I am willing to tune my heart to His will on every issue that I bring before the throne of grace.


** Over the next four months in our study of Paul's letter to the Philippians, we will see once again the importance of prayer - but what do you think is the main theme of Philippians? It has been called "the epistle" of what?

The epistle of Joy.

** What is the one thing in our Christian lives, that if we are lacking it, will take all the wind out of our sails?

Joy - defined as "the supernatural ability to rejoice in every circumstance".

** In our first five studies together in this marvelous epistle we will learn from Paul how our joy is manifested as we are:

LONGING FOR THE BRETHREN - Philippians 1:8-11
ENCOURAGING THE BRETHREN - Philippians.1:12-18
DEPENDENT ON THE BRETHREN - Philippians 1:19-26
CHALLENGING THE BRETHREN - Philippians 1:27-30

Why would our joy be so closely linked to our relationship with other brothers and sisters in Christ?

It is what completes us as Christians - being with others of like precious faith, in a true Biblical unity that glorifies God. cf. Philippians 2:2, 1John 4:20

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