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Philippians, Chapter One, Lesson Two

LONGING FOR THE BRETHREN   Philippians 1:8-11             Download this Bible Study


** As we began our study together last week in Paul's letter to the Philippians, the apostle showed us how our joy in the Lord is supernaturally manifested when we are "Thankful for the Brethren". Do you recall the four areas in which Paul was thankful for his beloved Philippians?

1. Their koinonia (fellowship) in the gospel.
2. Their enduring faithfulness from the first day!
3. The work of Christ in their hearts.
4. Their partaking in Paul's suffering with him.

** Have you been focusing on any of those as you give thanks to God for your brothers and sisters in Christ at your local church? Or - have you been challenged by any of those, to apply them more aggressively in your own life?

Whenever I am privileged to be around committed, faithful Christians, I find myself being very thankful for God's gracious provision. Of the four in our list, number two challenged me the most in that I desire to be all the more faithful with each passing day the Lord gives me.


** As we continue to observe Paul's relationship with the Philippians, we are going to see his joy made manifest when he is "Longing for the Brethren". In addition to his joy, Paul is going to share with us the importance of integrity in the life of every believer. How would you define the word "integrity"?

"an unimpaired condition, the quality or state of being complete" syn: honesty (Webster)

** If we are to experience true Biblical joy, we must relate to one another with a sense of "Longing for the Brethren" - but that must be accompanied with a heart of integrity. Let's look at what Paul has for us today in Philippians 1:8-11.

Read passage (V.8-11)

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