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Philippians, Chapter One, Lesson Four

DEPENDENT ON THE BRETHREN   Philippians 1:19-26             Download this Bible Study


** We saw last week that our circumstances cannot limit God from performing His will in our life and that they should not limit us in our effort to stay in the center of that will. Did you notice a more victorious
walk through the difficult circumstances of life this past week? How was your contentment?

My heart was very encouraged by the reality that my circumstances were ordained of God (Proverbs 16:9) and could actually be used to encourage others.

** What were some examples from last week's passage that would help us to better view our circumstances?

V.12 - We can encourage other Christians by telling what God has done in our life through our circumstances.
V.13 - Our circumstances can be used "in the cause of Christ".
V.14 - We trust more when we see a godly example.
V.16 - We should show love and support based on the knowledge of a fellow Christian's lifestyle.
V.18 - We must rejoice when "Christ is proclaimed" through our circumstances.


** One of the main characteristics of the apostle Paul, for which I am very thankful, is his transparency. Even when he is being used mightily for "the cause of Christ", he is willing to show us that he was very "Dependent on the Brethren". As children of God who love Jesus Christ and desire to know Him more through the study of His word, we will study many different subject matters throughout the course of our life.

However, few will be as significant as what we will see today. As Christians, how are we to view death? How can our view of dying effect our daily walk with the Lord and how is that related to our dependency upon one another?

Today we hope to gain the wisdom of Paul's supernatural insight into the glories of both the life and the death of a Christian, while he demonstrates for us that he was indeed "Dependent on the Brethren".

Read passage (V.19-22) (V.23-26)

Opening Prayer

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