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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

THE JOY OF HUMILITY   Philippians 2:5-11             Download this Bible Study


** Please look back at Philippians 2:1-4 and see if you can recall God's three step plan for creating a joy filled unity within the body of Christ.

1. Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit. Remember - Watch our motives! (V.3)

2. Regard others as more important than yourself. Form the practice of exalting others! (V.3)

3. "Look out" for the needs of others. Anticipate and meet those needs! (V.4)

** Did anyone finds themselves being stretched in one of those three areas over the past week?

It is always marvelous how our loving and faithful God will test us in the areas of our life which need the most correction in order for us to be walking in step with the Word of God.


** Generally speaking, who are the people that prove to be examples to you in your Christian life?

Those around us that are consistent in their Godly behavior, no matter what comes their way.

** Going beyond the general category, to a very specific one, who is our greatest example of how we ought to live?

Jesus Christ - Himself!

** As we continue our series in this marvelous chapter, the example of Christ set before us today is going to show us "The Joy of Humility". Let's look at our passage together as we prepare our hearts for learning God's precious truth.

Read passage (V.5-8) (V.9-11)

Opening Prayer

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