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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Four

THE JOY OF FAITHFULNESS   Philippians 2:19-24             Download this Bible Study


** In our study together last week we looked closely at "The Joy of Obedience" and learned that our Heavenly Father wants to conform two things in us for His own good pleasure. Do you recall what those two things were?

Our will and our work! Our attitudes and actions! cf. Philippians 2:13

** From verse fifteen of last week's passage, what five things have we got to prove for the sake of Jesus Christ and the glory of God?

1. We are blameless 2. We are innocent 3. We are children of God
4. We are above reproach 5. We are lights in the world

** Have you been experiencing "The Joy of Obedience" this past week by conforming your attitudes and actions to the will of God?

It is such a joyous thing indeed, when our merciful God works in us to transform us by the renewing of our minds into the very image of His beloved Son!


** Who is it in your Christian life that the Lord has made very dear to you? That special someone who deeply understands you and faithfully ministers to you in a unique way. The question is - What is to be my perspective of this type of individual, as well as of those people who let me down?

Today, we have the privilege of looking deep into the heart of Paul as he experiences "The Joy of Faithfulness" along with the pain of disappointment, as he lays himself bare for everyone to see how he maintains the proper perspective through it all.

Let's read our passage together as we set our minds on the things of God.

Read passage (V.19-21) (22-24)

Opening Prayer

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