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Philippians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three

REACHING FOR THE GOAL   Philippians 3:12-16             Download this Bible Study


** At the conclusion of last week's study, we summarized those things Paul had listed for us; which proved to be of surpassing value when compared to all that the world has to offer. There were five of them, do your recall what they were from Philippians 3:7-11?

1) Knowing Jesus Christ! (V. 8)
2) Righteousness by faith. (V. 9)
3) Knowing the power of His resurrection. (V.10)
4) Partaking in His suffering. (V.10)
5) Being conformed to His death. (V.10)

** We also noted that "it is no small thing to change your value system". How have you done this week in taking a closer look at your own personal evaluation system as it applies to your walk with Christ?

It has been a daily preoccupation for me to be actively "Rejecting the World" and its value system and to joyfully replace it with those things of eternal value in Christ!


** It has been said that one ought to have a goal in life. For the maturing Christian our goal should be Christlikeness in all that we say and do. As we take a close look at who we are in Christ, what are the two negative perspectives which can be used to prevent us from "Reaching for the Goal"?

1) We either think to low of ourselves and thus dishonor the work of Christ in our lives . . .

2) We develop an over confident and inflated view of ourselves and begin to operate as if we do not need Christ's help anymore.

** In today's passage the apostle is going to encourage us with the proper balance for living the Christian life. He will show us the importance of "Reaching for the Goal" each day as we live for the Lord. Please join me now in Philippians 3:12-16.

Read passage (V.12-14) (V.15-16)

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