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Philippians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two

LEARNING TO BE CONTENT   Philippians 4:8-13             Download this Bible Study


** How has your week gone in your effort to be "Living in Harmony" with your fellow saints? We learned together last week four steps which Paul gave to us that were designed to help us preserve the unity of the Spirit. Do you recall what they were?

1) Rejoice always 2) Be patient 3) Do not be anxious 4) Pray for one another

Did any of these prove to be helpful to you over this past week?

By remembering to not "be anxious" when things do not go how I feel they should, the Lord has enabled me to continue the pursuit of true Biblical harmony with all of my brothers and sisters in Christ.


** As we draw even closer to the end of this marvelous epistle, let's consider a rather self-examining question. "Am I content?" - What part does contentment play in my Christian growth? How do I obtain it and where do I use it?

For the answers, let's turn to our passage as Paul teaches us the secret of "Learning to be Content". In Philippians 4:8-13 the apostle will describe the godly Christian's lifestyle, while at the same time showing us how to be content.

Read passage (V.8-9) (V.10-13)

Opening Prayer

Learning to be Content


V. 8 ** Paul now directs our mind away from disunity to a list of six characteristics that make up the Christian lifestyle. Let's look at each one briefly so that we will be set to follow his thinking into the remainder of our passage.

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