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1Timothy, Chapter One, Lesson Three

CHRIST'S EXAMPLE   1Timothy 1:12-17             Download this Bible Study


** What environment did Paul portray before us last week as our mission field, in which we are to be ready to share God’s glorious gospel?

The “Corrupt Environment” of this fallen world.

** Do we need to clean up the lives of men, before they can become saved?

Absolutely not - It is those sinners living within our world’s “Corrupt Environment” that the gospel of Christ is designed to reach. We simply must be faithful to proclaim His truth and then ask the Lord to grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth.
cf. 2Timothy 2:24-25

** What were the three distinct signs of a false teacher?

1) “wanting to be teachers of the Law”
2) “they do not understand” Scripture
3) They do not use God’s word “lawfully”, rather they leave lost sinners in the grasp of the “Corrupt Environment” by failing to share God’s truth accurately.

** As stewards of God’s wonderful saving truth, we need to be faithful in our sharing of His gospel. Have you been more aware of your opportunities to share the truth of God’s Word with others this past week?

Hopefully we will recognize the serious call of God to proclaim His truth, of which He has made us stewards. cf. 1Corinthians 4:1-2


** Throughout the course of our studies together, the subject of being a good example has been repeatedly addressed; as well as the subject of following a good example. Today we have the privilege of looking closely at “Christ’s Example”, not so much the example He lived before us; but rather the example Christ Himself used as a model for those who might become saved. The passage before us is going to bless your hearts and cause you to be very thankful for the common salvation we all share in Christ Jesus.

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