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1Timothy, Chapter One, Lesson Four

CONSCIENTIOUS EFFORT   1Timothy 1:18-20             Download this Bible Study


** With which attitude did Paul open our passage from last week? What attitude should accompany our daily walk with the Lord when we consider all that He has accomplished on our behalf?

Paul displayed his “attitude of gratitude” and so should we in everything we do; out of our loving, thankful hearts toward the Lord.

** How bad off was Paul before he was saved?

He was a “blasphemer, persecutor and violent aggressor” against Jesus Christ and any who believed on His name for salvation.

** Who was “Christ’s Example” in that study which showed us the openness of the gospel in its ability to save sinners?

The apostle Paul himself, in his murderous, sinful lifestyle. He could be saved, so anyone can be! We need to inform the lost around us that no matter what they have done, or how badly they might feel about themselves; if they will repent and call out to Christ for forgiveness, they too can be saved.


** We know that our gracious Lord Jesus Christ has called us to an abundant life of love, peace, joy, and communion with Him. The typical pattern of evangelism today will always stress those marvelous truths. But there is another side to the Christian life, which does not find its way into the gospel message being disseminated by the church today. The Christian life is also a warfare!

Christians enter a lifelong fight against the evil world system, Satan, and their own sinful human flesh. For us to be victorious in the midst of a corrupt world system, we are going to have to employ a “Conscientious Effort” everyday that we strive to live for Christ. It is to that same effort that Paul is going to call a young man named Timothy in our passage for today. Let’s read it together.

Read Passage (V.18-20)

Opening Prayer

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