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1Timothy, Chapter Three, Lesson One

ABOVE REPROACH   1Timothy 3:1-3             Download this Bible Study


** At the conclusion of chapter two the apostle Paul instructed his true child in the faith regarding the
Authority Prescribed” by God Himself which is to be followed within the framework of church worship. What lesson are the men of the church to learn from Adam’s bad example, which we saw together last week?

We must not violate our God-given role as leader, teacher, provider and protector of our wives. We must faithfully live the standard and lead our helpmates into a more Christlike lifestyle each day!

** To what role has God graciously called the women of the church, within the corporate worship service?

The role of “learner” or “disciple” who quietly receives instruction from the Word of God.

** With which attitude does the godly woman fulfill this role?

Contentedness, she does not seek to take a man’s position; but receives her instruction in the Word “with entire submissiveness”.


** Having established in Timothy’s mind the parameters of God’s prescribed authority within the corporate worship of the church, the apostle is now going to expand his inspired instruction into four specific areas which we will study together over the next month. Here in chapter three we have the privilege of looking over Paul’s shoulder as he explains to Timothy the meaning of:

ABOVE REPROACH - 1Timothy 3:1-3

How can Timothy know who is qualified to be in church leadership? The answer comes from the “Above Reproach” standard set by Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Let’s tune our hearts to His marvelous truth!

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