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2Thessalonians, Chapter One, Lesson Two

ETERNAL DESTRUCTION   2Thessalonians 1:5-12             Download this Bible Study


** In our study together last week we saw our obligation to notice three things about the lives of Christians who faithfully walk with the Lord around us. Those three things were:

1. Their "Enlarged Faith" - growing "greatly"
2. Their love growing "ever greater"
3. Their perseverance in trials

** Having noticed these three things about the lives of other Christians, what two things were we obligated to do?

1. Give thanks to God for His work in them (V.3)
2. Tell others about the glory due God's name for the growth of a fellow believer. (V.4)

If you have seen growth or perseverance in another Christian this past week, were you faithful to encourage the hearts of others by sharing that information with them, to the glory of God?


** We know that we are to encourage one another, that is clear from God's word. Today we are going to learn a new way to do just that. What do you suppose is the single most unpopular element in the Christian life today, which is rarely spoken of from the pulpits of our country?

It is the fact that godly Christians are called to suffer for the advance of the Kingdom and for the glory of God. cf. 2Timothy 3:12, 1Peter 2:21

Today we have the privilege of seeing God's view of our suffering and how it can actually be used to encourage us in our daily walk with Him. Paul will explain the meaning and purpose of "Eternal Destruction" for us in the passage we are about to consider; and in so doing; strengthen our walk with the Lord. Let's read about it together as we tune our hearts to understand the Word of God.

Read passage (V.5-8) (V.9-12)

Opening Prayer

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