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2Thessalonians, Chapter Two, Lesson Three

HAVING FAITH IN THE TRUTH   2Thessalonians 2:13-17             Download this Bible Study


** Please open your Bibles to 2Thessalonians, chapter two. In our last study we saw that the world around us lives each day under the influence of the mystery of lawlessness (the system is hopelessly corrupt), and by doing so they will continually ...

1) be in opposition to Christ (V.6-7)
2) trust in demonic power (V.9)
3) deceive, like the one who deceives them (V.10)
4) base all of their actions in wickedness (V.10)
5) reject the truth (V.10 and 12)
6) derive their pleasure from wickedness (V.12)

** Understanding that this is the perspective held by the unsaved people around us, how were we to view them and what is to be our impact upon their lives?

First - We must view them as our gracious God does, exhibited by the apostle Peter when he said, “The Lord...is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.” We too should not desire for any man to perish! (2Peter 3:9)

Second - We must preach the gospel of repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 20:18-21)

** Hopefully we are becoming more aware of our calling to share God’s precious saving truth with the lost who live around us in our community.


** In this chapter we have learned the importance of “Remembering the Truth” and the reality that the
corrupt world around us spends their lives “Rejecting the Truth”. But is there something more? Is mankind supposed to go beyond merely remembering that there is a truth by which we should live? For the answer, let’s read the passage before us from verse 13 to 17 and listen to the apostle Paul describe what it means to live your life “Having Faith in the Truth”.

Read passage (V.13-17)

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