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2Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson Two

CHRIST HONORING FELLOWSHIP   2Thessalonians 3:6-10             Download this Bible Study


** From our study together last week, what characteristic of the apostle Paul made him stand out as an example of “Christ Honoring Leadership”?

He continually displayed genuine humility! Never being holier-than-thou, Paul always identified with his reader and was completely dependent upon their prayerful support.

** We concluded that study with a short list of three things we would need to do if we were to become more like the apostle Paul or our Lord Jesus Christ. Do you recall that list?

Become more humble by:

1) Being willing to identify with other Christians
2) Avoiding false humility (low self-esteem)
3) Not thinking to highly of myself. cf. Romans 12:3

Hopefully, we have enjoyed a humble walk with our Lord this past week so that we too might display “Christ Honoring Leadership” qualities.


** Having given us so great an example last week, Paul now radically shifts gears by asking us to examine the character quality of our fellowship together in the name of Jesus Christ. If the goal of the body of Christ is to display “Christ Honoring Fellowship”, what will that look like? How can we best accomplish it? For the answer, let’s read our passage for today in 2Thessalonians 3:6-10.

Read passage (V.6-10)

Opening prayer

Christ Honoring Fellowship


V. 6 ** Throughout the course of this letter, Paul has been encouraging and strengthening these believers to stand firm in their faith. As he now begins our passage for today, how does he change his tone?

Paul shifts from gentle, loving encouragement to very straightforward command mode.

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