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2Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three

CHRIST HONORING ADMONITION   2Thessalonians 3:11-18             Download this Bible Study


** The apostle Paul said much last week in 2Thessalonians, chapter 3, verses 6-10, regarding the importance of examples. Let’s review the ones he has portrayed before us.

Bad examples:

1) unruly life (V.6)
2) doing no work (V.11)
3) acting like busybodies (V.11)

Good examples:

1) did not act in an undisciplined manner (V.7)
2) worked hard “night and day” (V.8)
3) was not a “burden” to others (V.8)
4) offer ourselves as a model (V.9)

** If we were to closely follow the examples of Paul and other godly people which the Lord brings across our path, what would we become to others around us?

We too would become an example or model to be followed. Ours would be a “Christ Honoring Fellowship” in which the Lord is truly glorified.

Remember that Paul used his life as a teaching tool, model or pattern to be copied. May we spend our time preoccupied with the desire to be a good example for others to follow “to Christ”.


** Today we will draw to a close our two month study of Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians.
If we were to ask the question, “How can I show love?”, we could easily come up with a number of good answers. As Paul finishes this letter he gives them, and us as well, one of the most challenging yet purist forms of love we find in Scripture. It can be described as “Christ Honoring Admonition”. To better understand what is on the heart of Paul and to enhance our own walk with the Lord, let’s read through our passage together.

Read passage (V.11-13) (V.14-15) (V.16-18)

Opening Prayer

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