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Galatians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

AGGRESSIVELY CONFRONTING   Galatians 2:11-16             Download this Bible Study


** Last week, as we began chapter two of Paul's letter to the Galatians, we learned three principles that were designed to help us imitate the faith of the apostle as we saw him "Avoiding Compromise". Do you recall what those three principles were?

1) Do not give in to peer pressure, but rather use it to strengthen your resolve. (V. 3)

2) Do not compromise the truth for even a moment. (V. 5)

3) When you find others of like precious faith, join with them in a commitment to proclaim and live the truth. (V. 9)

** Would anyone like to share which principle they chose to focus upon this past week and how that helped them to enjoy a closer walk with Christ?

For myself, it was very hard to choose because all three are so strong in helping me to stand up for Christ while I am "Avoiding Compromise". But number two proved to be of great encouragement to me. By having a predetermined mindset to not compromise the truth for even a moment, I felt equipped to live for the Lord no matter what the challenge or temptation.


** As we move forward into today's passage, we are going to learn the second of three behavioral patterns displayed by the life of the apostle Paul. Once we have formed an alliance with others of like precious faith (like we saw that group of five men do last week), what are we to do if a brother or sister starts to wander from the truth? Join me now in chapter two of Galatians, where we shall see Paul as he is "Aggressively Confronting", and we will learn the answer together.

Read Passage (V. 11-13) (V. 14-16)

Opening Prayer

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