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Galatians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three

HAPPY IN FAITH   Galatians 3:15-22             Download this Bible Study


** What a joy it was for us to see last week that we have been made "Holy by Faith". If we are genuine, that is, if we have asked Jesus Christ to forgive our sin and to become the Lord and Savior of our lives, what will that faith always produce in us?

True saving faith will always produce obedience to the Word of God!

** Like our father, Abraham, what will be the four characteristics of our obedient faith?

1) Immediate obedience
2) Sustained obedience
3) Willing obedience
4) Contagious obedience

** Did anyone experience, this past week, an opportunity to follow the Lord in "Immediate, Sustained, Willing and/or Contagious" obedience?

Our greatest joy comes from an awareness that we are striving to direct our thoughts, words and actions to remain in subjection to God's Word. We must remember the importance of our calling to represent God's Word to others in a Christlike manner, so they will see His love and authority in our lives first and then in their own.


** Having established the fact that true saving faith in Jesus Christ will always produce obedience to the Word of God, is that obedience lived out in a cold or stoic atmosphere? What emotions accompany the heart which has been trained to obey God's word?

For the answer, please join me now in Galatians 3:15-22, as Paul gives us the reason to be "Happy in Faith".

Read Passage (V.15-17) (V.18-19) (V.20-22)

Opening Prayer

Happy in Faith


** When compared to verses 1 and 3 in this chapter, how does Paul's opening greeting for today show the balance in his letter?

Even though he had to confront the error of their "careless or lazy" theology, Paul still had a great love for the "Brethren". cf. 4:12, 6:1 and 6:18

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