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Galatians, Chapter Four, Lesson One

NEVER TURNING BACK   Galatians 4:1-11             Download this Bible Study


** As we concluded our study of chapter three, we made a list of the truths for which we should be thankful. Before we begin a new chapter today, let's revisit that list.

From chapter 3, Vs.23-29...

1) I was not raised under the Law (V.23)
2) I was justified by faith in Christ (V.24)
3) I am taught by Christ, not the tutor (V.25)
4) I am a child of God (V.26)
5) I walk "clothed" in Christ (V.27)
6) I have union with all believers (V.28)
7) I am a joint heir with Jesus Christ (V.29)

Our sacrifice of walking in obedience to Christ and worshipping Him in "spirit and truth" each day, should be easy to give when we consider all that we have received from Him!


** As Paul now continues his defense of salvation by grace through faith (as opposed to salvation by works or the keeping of the Law), he begins to expand his thoughts here in chapter four. He not only defends the gospel, but he also paints a beautiful portrait for us of the pattern of living that will produce a fruitful and thankful heart. Over the next three studies he will teach us to live our Christians lives by...

1) NEVER TURNING BACK - Verses 1-11

** Today we are going to see the apostle address one of the more subtle trangressions made by Christians as they try to live out their lives by the Grace of God. Please join me now in Galatians 4:1-11 to hear Paul encourage us to live our life in Christ each day by "Never Turning Back".

Read Passage (V.1-5) (V.6-11)

Opening Prayer

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