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Galatians, Chapter Five, Lesson Two

STRENGTHENING THE BRETHREN   Galatians 5:2-12             Download this Bible Study


** As Paul showed us our "Freedom in Christ", last week, we learned from him three steps that would help us to establish Christ honoring standards for our life. Do you recall those three steps?

1) Do not sin! cf. Romans 5:20-6:2
2) Do not cause a weaker brother to stumble! cf. 1Corinthians 8:1-13
3) Do all to the glory of God! cf. 1Cor. 10:27-31

** Did anyone get the opportunity to apply one or more of those steps to the make up of your everyday life?

Absolutely yes! Each one of us should have been applying all three of those principles to the form and structure of who we are! If we want to bring glory to our God, we need to be committed to living His word daily and not merely be like those who hear it, but never change. cf. James 1:22


** Having seen last time that we are to be cautious with our "Freedom in Christ" so we do not cause a weaker brother to stumble, Paul is now going to show us how to be a positive influence on our brothers. As we follow the account of Paul's interaction with the Galatians, we will learn the Christ-like skill of "Strengthening the Brethren". Please join me now in Galatians 5:2-12 as we learn this wonderful truth together.

Read passage (V.2-5) (V.6-9) (V.10-12)

Opening Prayer

Strengthening the Brethren


V. 2 ** How does Paul get his reader's attention as he opens our passage for today?

He says, "Behold" [Ide], an interjection: See!

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