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Galatians, Chapter Six, Lesson Three

SPIRITUAL REWARD   Galatians 6:11-18             Download this Bible Study


** In our study of Galatians 6:6-10 from last week, verse seven contained three extremely profound truths designed to help us live our life under the control of the Holy Spirit. Do you recall what they were?

1) Do not deceive yourself. (cf. V.3)
2) GOD IS NOT MOCKED. He is listening to our life! (Remember - Matthew 12:34-37)
3) You reap what you sow. Our thoughts and actions have a direct relationship to the outcome of our life...we should be always sowing to the Spirit!

** With those very needful reminders, how long did Paul tell us to do good to all men, especially Christians?

(V.10) "...while we have opportunity..." [kairos] as long as we are alive in Christ we should live our life under the control of the Holy Spirit, doing good to all men.


** Today's study is very dear to my heart, in that we draw to a close the first epistle that we have studied in depth together. As Paul bids farewell to his beloved Galatians he shows us the benefits of living your life under the control of the Holy Spirit. Today we will be answering the question, "Is there a 'Spiritual Reward', here and now, for letting the Spirit of Christ lead us through our day?" One more time then, please join me in Paul's letter to the Galatians, chapter 6, vs.11-18. Let's see what Paul says about our "Spiritual Reward".

Read Passage (V. 11-13) (V. 14-18)

Spiritual Reward


V.11 ** Why does Paul begin this closing message and salutation by bringing attention to his style of writing?

1) As a mark of identification, because of his poor vision. cf. Galatians 4:12-15
2) Because of the importance of all that he has been saying. cf. Galatians 1:8-9

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