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Titus - Chapter Two

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** As our study came to an end last week, we were invited to match our life with the characteristics of the above reproach elder in Titus 1:6-9. How did you do when you reviewed that list?

not self-willed - but - hospitable
not quick-tempered - but - loving what is good
not addicted to wine - but - sensible
not pugnacious (fighter) - but - just
not fond of sordid gain - but - devout

...He is self-controlled


** Do you recall the two reasons that the apostle Paul had left Titus on the island of Crete?

1) To "...set in order what remains..."
2) To "...appoint elders in every city..."

** Last week in our look at Genuine Christianity, we studied Paul's itemized directions to Titus on how to select elders and today we will begin to see how Titus was to "set in order what remains" in the lives of the Believers on Crete. How is our genuine faith in Christ manifested through our Godly Behavior? Paul is going to give us five examples from life to help us learn the answer, as we study together Titus, chapter two.

Read Chapter (V. 1-5) (V. 6-10) (V. 11-15)

Opening Prayer

Godly Behavior


V. 1 ** What does the first word of this chapter indicate?

A contrast between two opposing lifestyles.

** Who are the parties in this contrast?

The "...many rebellious men..." of chapter 1, verse 10 and Titus who was to instruct the elders and all of the Believers on Crete, who then were to follow his example.

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