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Titus - Chapter Three

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** As we began our study last time, we asked the question, "How is our genuine faith in Jesus Christ manifested?" The answer provided was, "It is manifested by our Godly Behavior". Do you recall the most frequently repeated character trait listed in Paul's instruction to Titus in chapter two?

V. 2 - "Older men are to be...sensible"
V. 3 - "Older women likewise are to be...teaching what is good..." (to be sensible)
V. 4 - "young women to be...sensible(V.5)"
V. 6 - "Likewise urge the young men to be sensible"
V.12 - "instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly..."

** Do you recall how we defined "living sensibly"?

Thinking Biblically!


** Paul's description of Genuine Christianity in chapter one and Godly Behavior in chapter two, brings us to the question, "How did all of this happen?" How did I turn from my sinful, self-centered lifestyle to one of loving and serving my Lord Jesus Christ?

Today's study, entitled "By the Grace of God", will answer our question. Please join me in chapter three of this great epistle so we can enjoy it together.

Read Chapter (V. 1-3) (V. 4-7) (V. 8-11) (V. 12-15)

Opening Prayer

By the Grace of God


V. 1 ** After giving to Titus (and the Cretans) the pattern of godly behavior in chapter two, Paul now gives them some specific areas in which they can demonstrate it. What is the first area that our godly behavior is to be on display?

In subjection to the government, as good citizens.

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