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** Throughout the course of our many studies together, we have seen the reoccuring need to use our minds for the glory of the Lord. By forming the daily practice of "Staying in the Word", our minds become prepared for the events of each new day.

It continues to be a privilege to share these studies with you, so that our thinking pattern will develop into that which honors our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


** Today, we have the joy of beginning a new series which has been entitled "Thinking Biblically". If the question "How do you think?" was put before you, how would you answer it?

It is very easy, even for a Christian, to slip into fleshly thinking or thinking that is "politically correct"; because of the influence which the world around us can exude. cf. 1Corinthians 3:3

As we make an effort to keep our lives focused on the Lord by filtering all of our daily events through the grid of Biblical thought, what two things do we have at our disposal to equip us for success?

Our study together over the next month will be aimed at answering that question. When considering the theme of Thinking Biblically, my heart was been drawn to Paul's letter to Titus. As we enjoy this little epistle together, we are going to be challenged and blessed by all that it contains. Let's ask the Lord to prepare our hearts for what He has for us and to bless His Word for our growth.

Opening Prayer

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