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Led by the Spirit - Part 1

SAVED                               2Peter 3:1-10             Download this Bible Study


** As our study together in 2Thessalonians 3:11-18 was coming to a conclusion, we observed the two elements of a “Christ Honoring Admonition”. Do you recall what they were?

1) The role of a humble servant. We come along side (parakaleo) our sinful brother to help him back to a closer walk with the Lord.

2) We genuinely love these people. They are not the enemy, the enemy is sin!
cf. Romans 7:11-13

** If our brother continues in an unruly, undisciplined and sinful lifestyle, what four things were we to do or
not do in order to manifest the love of Christ to them?

1) Take special note of him.
2) Do not fellowship with him.
3) Do not regard him as an enemy.
4) Admonish (warn) him as a brother.

** Our awareness of this awesome responsibility should make us closely examine our own lives. Are we being “Led by the Spirit”? Are we under His control, so that we will be ready to come to our brother’s aid at a moment’s notice?

We do not know when the Lord would call upon us for this extremely important area of ministry to the body of Christ and our lifestyles must be such, that we are always prepared.


** Over the past few weeks a question has repeatedly come up which deserves our attention. That is: “How can I know if I am following the Holy Spirit’s lead or I am simply doing whatever is on my mind to do?” The answer to that question will be the focus of our studies together for the next six weeks. What is the first key to knowing that your life is being “Led by the Spirit”? For the answer, please join me now in 2Peter 3:1-10 and let’s embark on a Scriptural journey together. As a special note: This study series has been based upon a 1977 booklet by John MacArthur entitled, "Found: God's Will" and published by Victor Books, a division of Scripture Press Publications, Inc.

Read passage (V.1-4) (V.5-7) (V.8-10)

Opening Prayer

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