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Led by the Spirit - Part 4

SUBMISSIVE                               1Peter 2:13-17             Download this Bible Study

(Please open your Bibles to 1Thessalonians, chapter four)


** According to verse four of our study last week, if we are living out each day in a "Sanctified” manner, what will we know how to do?

We will "...know how to possess [our] own vessel in sanctification and honor..."
(1Thessalonians 4:4)

** We looked at three steps by which we could ensure our “Sanctified” lifestyle each day. Let’s review those three steps:

Romans 6:10-13 - "...present yourselves to God and your members as instruments of
righteousness to God."

Romans 12:2 - “...do not be conformed to this world”

Romans 13:13-14 - Avoid sin and "make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts."

** As we walk each day being “Led by the Spirit”, which of those three steps should we be applying to our lives?

Obviously, all three! If our goal is to honor the Lord and to allow His Holy Spirit to lead us through our day, we must be committed to doing our part in obeying His expressed will for our lives. cf. 1Corinthians 15:10


** In the first three parts of our series entitled “Led by the Spirit”, we have learned that for Christians; the expressed will of God is for us to be Saved, Spirit-filled and Sanctified. All three of these expressions of God’s will for our lives deal with the heart of the believer. As we look now to the forth expression of God’s will, which ensures our hearts that we are indeed living each day “Led by the Spirit”, we come to the first one which can actually be measured by the unsaved world around us. The Bible tells us that it is God’s will for all Christians to be Submissive. How does our obedience to God’s will in this regard effect our witness for His glory’s sake? For the answer, please join me now in Peter’s first epistle, chapter two and verses 13-17.

Read passage (V.13-17)

Opening Prayer

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