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Led by the Spirit - Part 5

SUFFERING                               1Peter 4:19-5:11             Download this Bible Study


** In our study together last week, we looked at the expressed will of God for all Christians to be
Submissive. Let’s review the list Peter gave to us, which his readers and we ourselves would be wise to
carefully fulfill.

Peter said that we are to:
1) submit to every human institution
2) act as freemen (not enslaved to sin)
3) be bondslaves of God (joyfully)
4) honor all men
5) love the brotherhood
6) fear God
7) honor the king (All seven from 1Peter 2:13-17)

** Do you recall if there is ever a time when we would not be in submission to the government?

Yes - Humbly and respectfully, we are to refuse to submit when man’s law contradicts with God’s authority which has been expressed in His Word. cf. Acts 4:18-20 and Acts 5:27-29


** “How can I know if I am following the Holy Spirit’s lead or I am simply doing whatever is on my mind to do?” That was the original question which introduced this series and so far we have enjoyed learning about four key elements of God’s expressed will for Christians as they live their lives being “Led by the Spirit”. Those four elements were; we are to be Saved, Spirit-filled, Sanctified and Submissive.

Today we will look at element number five of God’s expressed will for Christians who are being “Led by the Spirit”. As unpopular as it may seem, God’s will for the life of Spirit led Christians is that we are to be willing to experience “Suffering” for His name sake. Let’s once again return to 1Peter, this time at the end of chapter four, to learn what the Word of God has to say about our “Suffering” for the glory of Christ. Our passage is 1Peter 4:19-5:11.

Read passage (Chapter 4, V:19-5:5) (Chapter 5:6-11)

Opening Prayer

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