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Led by the Spirit - Part 6

LED BY THE SPIRIT               Psalm 37:1-6 and 23-24             Download this Bible Study


** Over our past five studies together, we have learned that the expressed will of God for all Christians is for us to be Saved, Spirit-filled, Sanctified, Submissive and (from last week) willing to experience Suffering for His name.

Our suffering is actually the design of God and is according to His will. We should always respond with trust and heartfelt obedience!

** With what clothing should all Christians adorn themselves while going through this God ordained

We should put on the clothing of humility (under the mighty hand of God)!
cf. 1Peter 5:5


** All of this has been excellent, and time well spent in learning about the expressed will of God. But what about our original question? “How can I know if I am following the Holy Spirit’s lead or I am simply doing whatever is on my mind to do?” We desire to serve our Lord and to live in the center of His will; but to do that we are going to need to be “Led by the Spirit”.

For today we want to consider just two important principles from God’s word, which will illustrate for us what it means to live each day being “Led by the Spirit”. Please turn in your Bibles to Psalm 37, as we study together verses 1-6 and 23-24.

Read passage (V.1-3) (V.4-6) (V.23-24)

Opening Prayer

Led by the Spirit


V. 1 ** As we begin to study a small portion of this masterpiece by David, we need to firmly establish our starting point. What five things have we learned about the Christian who is being “Led by the Spirit”?

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