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May Jesus Christ be Praised - Part 5

THE PRACTICE OF PRAISE      Romans 12:1-2             Download this Bible Study


** From our last study, do you recall the "mystery" which had been hidden from the Old Testament saints and then revealed to us?

That God was causing a partial hardening upon the hearts of the nation of Israel, until the times of the Gentiles would be fulfilled.

** What was the wonderful promise put forth by Paul, upon which we can base our praise to Jesus Christ?

"...for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable." God if faithful! (Romans 11:29)

** Based upon that wonderful promise, have you been faithful to show others the joy of your salvation, no matter what the circumstances of your life have been?

That is the critical response we must have so that Jesus Christ will be praised and our God will be glorified!


** This wonderful series has been dedicated to the praise of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We have learned that each believer has their own "Profession of Praise", a duty to the "Proclamation of Praise", a debt of gratitude to the "Privilege of Praise" and a shared hope in the "Promise of Praise". How do we effectively apply all that we have been learning? Today the rubber meets the road, as we learn what God's word says about "The Practice of Praise".

If I want my lifestyle to be to the praise of Jesus Christ, what must it look like? What are the two main characteristics of someone who lives to the praise of the Lord? Please join me in Paul's letter to the Romans, chapter 12 and we will learn the answer together.

Read Passage (V. 1-2)

Opening Prayer

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