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May Jesus Christ be Praised - Part 3

THE PRIVILEGE OF PRAISE      Romans 11:1-24             Download this Bible Study


** In our study together last week we learned the importance of preparing our "Proclamation of Praise" so that the world around us could hear the "good news", and having heard they could believe, and having believed they could "call upon the name of the Lord" to be saved!

** How has preparing your testimony effected your walk with the Lord?

For myself, I have enjoyed an 1) Increased intimacy and an 2) Increased accountability


** As the course of human events unfolded throughout the centuries of time, how is it that we were privileged to hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ? Today in part 3 of "MAY JESUS CHRIST BE PRAISED", we are going learn the significant role that the nation of Israel played in our personal salvation and what kind of response that we are to have to the kindness of God. Please open your Bibles to Romans, chapter 11, verses 1-24.

Read Passage (V.1-5) (V.6-10) (V.11-18) (V.19-24)

Opening Prayer

The Privilege of Praise


V. 1 ** What were the two outstanding characteristics of the nation of Israel that we learned about last time? (Romans 10:21)

They were: 1) disobedient 2) obstinate [antilego] lit. "contradict" or "to speak against"

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