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May Jesus Christ be Praised - Part 2

THE PROCLAMATION OF PRAISE      Romans 10:11-21             Download this Bible Study


Our series, entitled "MAY JESUS CHRIST BE PRAISED", breaks down into five parts and is designed to teach us how to praise the Lord as a way of life. Just as a reminder, the five parts were:

1) The Profession of Praise
2) The Proclamation of Praise
3) The Privilege of Praise
4) The Promise of Praise
5) The Practice of Praise.

** Do you recall from last week, what was wrong with Israel's zeal for God?

Romans 10:2 - It was "not in accordance" with a knowledge of the Truth but merely based on their own legalism!

** What two things make up our "Profession of Praise" to Jesus Christ which we can share with those around us?

(See Romans 10:10)

1) That we believe in our heart that God raised Him from the dead (which is the gospel).
2) That we confess with our mouth Jesus as Lord (which is our response to the gospel truth).

** Have you had any opportunity to share your "Profession of Praise" with others around you?


** As we began to learn last time, praising the Lord is a way of life, not just a phrase that we tack onto the end of a thought to make us sound spiritual. As we live our life in a grateful response to all that Jesus Christ has done on our behalf, is it enough to only profess our praise of Him to those who happen to cross our path, or is there something more?

** What is our duty as Christians, regarding the "good news" of the gospel and how does it become our "Proclamation of Praise"? Please look with me at Romans, chapter 10, verses 11-21 and let's enjoy what the Lord has for us today.

Read passage (V.11-15) (V.16-21)

Opening Prayer

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