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Renewing Our Mind - Part 3

A LOVING MINDSET      Luke 10:25-37             Download this Bible Study


** So far in our series called "Renewing Our Mind", we have learned the importance of having "A Godly Mindset" and of developing "A Prepared Mindset". Hopefully you were able to spend time this past week reviewing the seven elements of a prepared mind.

It was very encouraging for my own heart to review those things we had learned together.

** Let me remind you of the seven elements of preparing our minds for action and the two which were special to me.

1) A spiritually disciplined thought life
2) Fixing our hope on eternity in Christ
3) Avoiding conforming to our old lifestyle
4) Be holy, for our God is holy
5) Develop a reverence for God
6) Living in "obedience to the Truth"
7) Life based upon the foundation of God's Word


** As we move on into part three of our series, we are beginning to see how these studies build upon one another. "A Godly Mindset" or one that agrees with God, becomes most effective when it is also "A Prepared Mindset". The question becomes, "How does a 'Renewed' mind treat others?" Today's study will show us that the Christian mind, prepared by all seven elements that we learned last week, will indeed evolve into "A Loving Mindset". Please open your Bibles to Luke's gospel, chapter 10, verses 25-37 as we learn the three components of "A Loving Mindset."

Read Passage (V. 25-29) (V. 30-37)

Opening Prayer

A Loving Mindset


V.25 ** As we move into the next scene portrayed in Luke's gospel, who does Jesus encounter?

"...a certain lawyer..." or expert in the Law of Moses. Luke adds "behold", because this was no small event in the life of those who heard it!

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