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Renewing Our Mind - Part 4

A PEACEFUL MINDSET      Philippians 4:4-9             Download this Bible Study


** As our study concluded last time, we committed to the Lord that we would live out all three lessons we had learned so far in the "RENEWING OUR MIND" series. By way of quick review, let's look at the three mindsets that we have learned about from God's word.

1) "A Godly Mindset" Developed by following three steps everyday:

1) Deny yourself - Do not look out for your own interest!
2) Take up your cross - Be willing to suffer or die if necessary, for Christ's sake!
3) Follow Jesus as Lord - Be obedient to His Word!

2) "A Prepared Mindset" Composed of seven elements:

1) A spiritually disciplined thoughtlife
2) Fixing our hope on eternity in Christ
3) Avoiding conforming to our old lifestyle
4) Be holy, for our God is holy
5) Develop a reverence for God
6) Living in "obedience to the Truth"
7) Life based upon the foundation of God's Word

3) "A Loving Mindset" Seen through three components:

1) Compassion - "to be moved in the inward parts"
2) Caring - Don't stop at the emotional level but respond with action to meet the pressing need.
3) Covering the Cost - As the Lord provides for you, be willing to share for the provision of others that He leads your way.


** Today we will conclude this series with part four, "A Peaceful Mindset", as we answer the fourth and final question of that series, "What is the main characteristic of a renewed mind"? For the answer, we once again turn to the beloved apostle Paul and his letter to the Philippians, chapter four, verses 4-9. Please open you Bibles to that passage as we enjoy learning what the Lord has for us today.

Read passage (V.4-6) (V.7-9)

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