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Redeeming the Time - Part 1

FAITHFUL SERVICE      Luke 12:35-48             Download this Bible Study


** In Psalm 90:12 Moses prays that he would learn to number his days so that he may present to God a heart of wisdom. Hopefully we are "Redeeming the Time" by becoming more aware of how we spend our "free" time. As we take a close inventory of our life, may it be that we end up presenting to our Lord the heart of wisdom that He intended for us to have.


** Frequently Jesus would teach the multitudes with parables (as God's design for reaching the elect,
Matthew 13:10-11) and this series will be based completely upon those parables. Over the next five weeks we hope to learn the secrets of "Redeeming the Time" which are contained in the parables of Jesus.

Our studies together will teach us about:

FAITHFUL SERVICE - Luke 12:35-48
FERTILE SOIL - Matthew 13:1-23
FORGIVING SAINTS - Matthew 18:21-35
FAIR SALARIES - Matthew 19:27-20:16
FIVE SINNERS - Matthew 25:1-13

** For today, how can we use "Faithful Service" to our Lord as a means to "Redeeming the Time"?

Let's turn together to the gospel of Luke and in chapter 12, verses 35-48, we will learn three
specific truths that when applied to our life will help us to redeem the time for our Lord's sake.

Read passage - (V.35-37) (V.38-41) (V.42-44) (V.45-48)

Opening Prayer

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