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Redeeming the Time - Part 2

FERTILE SOIL      Matthew 13:1-23             Download this Bible Study


** Last week we learned three specific truths in Part 1 of "Redeeming the Time" that when applied to our life would help us to redeem the time for the Lord's sake.

Do you recall what they were? (cf. Luke 12:35-48)

1) Be ready - clothed in His righteousness.
2) Be waiting - for His return, while living a holy lifestyle.
3) Be faithful - so that when He comes, He finds us doing the job that He has given us to do!

** That study challenged us to make a "short" list of things that we would like to improve upon in our lives, which in turn would redeem the time. I hope that you were faithful to make that list.

For myself, the study of Word of God has shown me the importance of maintaining a consistent heart attitude that always puts His righteousness on display. cf. Matthew 6:33


** Today's study, in Part 2 of "Redeeming the Time", is going to show us the foundational truth which will make it possible for anyone to redeem their time here on earth. In addition to that, we are going to learn the three errors that the world makes which leads them into a lifestyle of wasting time. Our study is entitled "Fertile Soil" and is from Matthew's gospel, chapter 13 and verses 1-23. Please join me there as we enjoy together learning from God's precious word.

Read passage (V.1-9) (V.10-15) (V.16-23)

Opening Prayer

Fertile Soil


V. 1 ** When is this event taking place?

"On that day..." which refers to the day on which the mother and brothers of Jesus came looking for Him, probably to persuade Him to stop the preaching and teaching that they knew would cost Him His life. cf. Matthew 12:46-47

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